Latest update (4.30pm) : I've received a call from ARIN, she's my wedding planner, I knew her for 2months++, but never had a chance to meet her face 2 face and never know her real name nor her boutique name. I agreed to be a makeup artist for her planning program, but I never know she display my works in her friendster. So all these are just misunderstanding - where her intention is to show a few examples of makeup work, done my her hired makeup artist, which is me. So, I've explained everything here, and I hope we're all clear - that Zamzarina Ahmad (Arin) from Plum & Glam Creation, is a good person, and she's doing this without any bad intention. However Arin, for your future clients, you can just refer them to my blog to see my makeup work, because I don't want my work to be exposed in some other places, and I'm sure my existing clients (in the photos) also feel the same way. Thank you very much, and case closed..

Case closed, but this post will not be deleted=====

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Are you familiar with these pics??

Thank you very much to Abby for reporting this to me. I was so surprised to see this - a person named XXX from XXX - claimed that these photos are her artwork. For those who are always be my LOYAL VISITORS, you'll know all these photos are my work with just one sight. So far I did not implement any trademark to all my photos here because I always trust my visitors - but only until today - because the trust is taken away by this people who doesn't have a sense of respect to others work.

This comment was sent to her profile, but I'm sure she can reject it:

"hi there, I'm so surprised to see that the photos in ur "Professional Makeup Artist" album are all taken from my online portfolio/blog http://makeups.blogspot.com - which are all my art work. How do u explain this? I appreciate if u remove all the photos, it is very disrespectful to do this and claim them as ur work. Pls take prompt action. Thank you."

Let's see if there's any further action taken by her. If you're a beginner makeup artist, stealing people's work is not a good start - cheating your client means you're destroying your career. Please be honest in everything you do, coz GOD knows...

UPDATE (3:03pm) : She sent me a private message, saying this:

"dear ms munie.sorry for this inconvenien situation.yes i now all those picture belongs to u.but honestly i never claim all those picture its my work.i put all the example your work in my profile to explain to the ppl that i'm using outsider profesional makeup artist if there want makeover services.i know this is my fool mistake beccause did'nt ask ur permission first.for ur information i remove all the picture as ur wish and hope we can have a good collaboration in the future.sorry once again."

What I understand from Abby, she asked Abby to have a look on her makeup work in her friendster's album - which under that "professional makeup artist" folder. So it means that she didn't claim the pics as her work formally, but by telling her future client. Anyhow, she's already ask 4 forgiveness, and I forgive her, but it's very hard 4 me to accept this.. I hope there won't be any issue regarding this anymore - and I won't delete this post, just as a lesson to all of us...