Azean: The engagement day

The day has come.. A bit rush but everything in control except the crown, I think it is not placed properly.. That's the last thing I do so I didn't noticed it until I uploaded the pics to my PC.. *sigh* and one more thing, I forgot to take closeup pic for eye makeups..

Please compare these pics with the trial one (previous post) and tell me which one do u like and why u prefer that (in the chatbox).. Thanks :)



(3rd pic from left: edited due to poor lighting)

Azean: Trial Makeup for Engagement

This pretty girl is going to engage this coming 26th and she would like to try everything first before the day.. She sure looks lovely, and I hope everyone will like it :) Owh no, I forgot to take her 'before' coz I'm so excited to play makeups with her! Maybe next time yah..~

Note: Please click on the pics and dun forget to zoom-in for a clearer view!

Crowns and organza shawl

This is my first time buying crowns and organza shawl as collection for anyone who who wants to look "WOW"! There's another beautiful crown that I really in-love with but not enough budget to buy-loh! Next time I promise I will buy it.. soo cun!! *love*
Note: Sorry for the blurry photos coz taken using my camphone.