Fasihah@Kak Asey: Trial Bridal Makeup

This lovely lady is my ex-housemate 2 years ago (if I'm not mistaken) and she's getting married next year, to be exact on 18th February. Still have about 2 months to go but she can't wait to try the makeups *grin* no problemo sis! She has long eye-lashes so I decided not to put the fake lashes (what do u think?) and she doesn't want to trim her eyebrow so I just leave it as it is. Sorry for the same shawl and crown used in this demo. I am still in budgeting phase :D

Her friends said that the lippie should be redder..
Pls tell me what u think to improve her look - chatbox will do *wink*



Azean: The engagement day

The day has come.. A bit rush but everything in control except the crown, I think it is not placed properly.. That's the last thing I do so I didn't noticed it until I uploaded the pics to my PC.. *sigh* and one more thing, I forgot to take closeup pic for eye makeups..

Please compare these pics with the trial one (previous post) and tell me which one do u like and why u prefer that (in the chatbox).. Thanks :)



(3rd pic from left: edited due to poor lighting)

Azean: Trial Makeup for Engagement

This pretty girl is going to engage this coming 26th and she would like to try everything first before the day.. She sure looks lovely, and I hope everyone will like it :) Owh no, I forgot to take her 'before' coz I'm so excited to play makeups with her! Maybe next time yah..~

Note: Please click on the pics and dun forget to zoom-in for a clearer view!

Crowns and organza shawl

This is my first time buying crowns and organza shawl as collection for anyone who who wants to look "WOW"! There's another beautiful crown that I really in-love with but not enough budget to buy-loh! Next time I promise I will buy it.. soo cun!! *love*
Note: Sorry for the blurry photos coz taken using my camphone.

Just for fun.. main-main makeups :)

Subject of the day is "Main-main makeups with my relatives", hehe.. I never see them wearing much makeups, so this is my chance to play around with colours on their faces! Enjoy the pictures!

  • none of them wearing fake eyelashes
  • no trimmed eyebrow
- Jiji -


- Maziah (Jiah) -


- Kak Ina -
(to be uploaded later)


Makeup for akad nikah of Dr. Noorul Haslin (19/08/06)

This is my first experience doing bridal makeup. Thanks a lot to Lin for trusting me on her most important day *wink* -- here I would like to thank my beloved makeup sifoos, Sis Eva and Bro Lee, for their precious and neverending tips & tricks all the time.. Sharing is caring kan kan?? :þ Mmmuuahhss to both of u..



[Be my model...Part 2]

Thank you very much to all my models and Siti. Fiza's makeup is done by Siti - unfortunately I'm in hurry (have to go back early) and don't have a chance to 'touch-up' Fiza's eyebrow, put the fake eyelashes and wear tudung like Bienda! So her face is 'unfinish' yet still beautiful and 'ranggi'!

- Farah Wahida -


- Julia -
Removed (by request)

- Fiza (makeup done by Siti) -
Removed (by request)

- All of them -
Removed (by request)

[Be my model...Part 1]

Thanks to my beloved and only one sister for being so patient - being my model in 'decorating' her face! I wanted to put makeup on her since a few months back but now only I had a chance.
She is beautiful but quite pale in the 'before' picture, but looks so lovely and very different in the 'after'!



I don't know why she looks so chubby in these pictures, hehe

I love these poses!! She's so beautiful!!

[Attention] FREE Makeover!


Free makeover session!
- no hidden makeup charges
- not meant for any special event (just be my model)
- female only

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[Pictures] Tudung Styles

These are the examples of Tudung Styles either for formal occasion, engangement or wedding. This is just my raya outfit so it is not really outstanding. I use it just to demonstrate the way to wear the tudung and selendang. FYI, this is the first time I see Maisarah in tudung! She looks so sweet isn't she? Lovely...

Maisarah in white plain tudung,
but beautified with sparkling tiara and pretty veil

Maisarah in matching-matching color
of long selendang with different view

Makeup for MMU Accounting Nite

This makeup and hairdo are for dinner event.
She has a long straight hair and asked me to do a little perm.
The makeup is so natural and you can see I didn't put much color on her face, just to embellish her natural beauty.
I think she looks more attractive in real life rather than this picture.
Her name is Maza...

U-Nite Promotions for MMU Students!

Since MMU will be organizing a dinner called U-Nite in mid April, I'm glad to inform all MMU students that the make-up artist is HERE to do your make over (means make-up and hairstyling / tudung) with much-much cheaper price compared to the saloon out there! Using very high quality and branded products, the result will be absolutely marvelous!! I bet you won't regret! Estimated time for each session is 30-45 minutes. So, make an appointment now!!
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Mizz Lily : 012-3743523
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Model : Maisarah

uNite : Lina

uNite : Diyana

uNite : Farah Ziana