Makeup for akad nikah of Dr. Noorul Haslin (19/08/06)

This is my first experience doing bridal makeup. Thanks a lot to Lin for trusting me on her most important day *wink* -- here I would like to thank my beloved makeup sifoos, Sis Eva and Bro Lee, for their precious and neverending tips & tricks all the time.. Sharing is caring kan kan?? :þ Mmmuuahhss to both of u..



[Be my model...Part 2]

Thank you very much to all my models and Siti. Fiza's makeup is done by Siti - unfortunately I'm in hurry (have to go back early) and don't have a chance to 'touch-up' Fiza's eyebrow, put the fake eyelashes and wear tudung like Bienda! So her face is 'unfinish' yet still beautiful and 'ranggi'!

- Farah Wahida -


- Julia -
Removed (by request)

- Fiza (makeup done by Siti) -
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- All of them -
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[Be my model...Part 1]

Thanks to my beloved and only one sister for being so patient - being my model in 'decorating' her face! I wanted to put makeup on her since a few months back but now only I had a chance.
She is beautiful but quite pale in the 'before' picture, but looks so lovely and very different in the 'after'!



I don't know why she looks so chubby in these pictures, hehe

I love these poses!! She's so beautiful!!

[Attention] FREE Makeover!


Free makeover session!
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