[Announcement] Please update your bookmark :)

Dear my loyal visitors,

Kindly update your bookmark/favourite/link to "http://themakeups.com". From now on, I will not be updating this blog "http://makeups.blogspot.com" anymore. However, the contents will remain and the 'Chatbox' is linked to both sites, so no worries. I hope the new 'look' in themakeups.com will improve the navigation and loading time of the site - since it is filled with tonsss of pictures :) But if you're not comfortable with anything in themakeups.com, feel free to inform me - 'Chatbox' or email will do.

Oh btw, thanks to my lil' bro (not so lil' :p) - Baloot - for helping me (a lot) in the-making-of-themakeups.com. For those who are interested in fancy/smart/stylish/professional web design, just ask him - he can do anything! The charges? Extremely CHEAP! Try it youself :)

Okay then, I think this will be my last post for this blog ( oh-so-sad :( ) - so again, please update your bookmark, and see you in themakeups.com!

Best regards from your makeup artist,
Munie Ahmad (+6013 385 6588)
Y o u - d e s e r v e - t h e - b e a u t y . . .